EMBER – Vol#1 of The Burning Chronicles

I thought a phoenix was a mythical bird that burns itself at the end of its life, only to be reborn from the ashes. But I was wrong. About all of it.

It’s not a myth.

They are not birds.

And they’re no longer being reborn.

They are desperate and they are dying, and for some unknown reason only I can reignite their flame. It frightens me that they feed by extracting the heat from living things – sometimes by force. I’m assured that I won’t be harmed, but I am not so certain.

Despite all of this, I have fallen in love with one of them. I desire Roman so greatly that I cannot think straight. He warns me that we cannot be together – that a union between a human and a phoenix would kill me. But neither one of us can walk away.

He also tells me that the Council have been searching for me for a long time…and now they’ve found me.

I don’t have much time left…

When Leila meets Roman, a tourist seemingly in town for Mascot's Swallowing of the Sun Festival, her life is forever altered. Roman is a phoenix; a scout sent by the Council of Smoke to locate the girl who alone can stoke their dying flame. His orders are simple - find her and bring her untouched and unspoiled before the Council.

But when forbidden love and desire are involved, nothing is ever simple; setting into motion dark and consequential events that once started cannot be stopped.

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